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At Lion + Panda you will partner with our experienced team to keep your project on target, meet your objectives, and to finish on time and within budget.  

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Web Design + Development

We design and develop appealing, functional, sites that will incorporate the most innovative marketing techniques to optimize your website for the highest conversion. Lion + Panda has successfully built websites that work for non-profits organizations, entertainment, hospitality, medical, franchise groups, technical services, consumer products, and more. Let our team of experts take your website to the next level.

  • Optimize your reach
  • Engage your audience
  • Re-target users
  • Improve your user experience
  • Interface with solutions that work for your business

Branding + Design

What does your brand say about you? Every marketing effort will affect how your brand is distinguished.  L+P has partnered with clients in the business-to-consumer and business-to-business space to strategically develop memorable and recognizable identities that separate them from their competitors.

Let our experienced designers create a compelling representation of your product through our complete design services from logo, content, formatting, and all your visual communications.

  • Design of brand and brand elements
  • Ad design for digital/print/display
  • Art direction
  • Graphic design
  • Logo development

Marketing + Analytics

L+P will identify valuable marketing strategies to maximize your return on investment. We will establish a guiding marketing methodology that will work together across your website, advertising, digital campaigns and social media, which can be managed through analytics to make sure you are reaching the right audience and realizing the highest conversions.  

  • Concept & strategy development
  • Campaign planning
  • Automation marketing
  • Performance analytics for conversion tracking

Research + Reporting

Lion + Panda has brought marketing reporting into a new dimension. Our method of capturing and compiling your analytics into an organized reporting dashboard will help you make informed decisions to increase your market share. Our technical engineering team will work with you to sync your data and metrics for Social-Media, Call Tracking, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Segmented Traffic, CRM, Key Performance Indicators, Conversions and more, into one interface reporting source.

  • Journey Mapping
  • Data & Metrics
  • Consulting
  • Technical Auditing

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