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Case Study

Deweys Pizza

Dewey’s Pizza vision for a new website is realized with Lion + Panda strategy, design and custom elements, for the best user experience.


In 2022, Dewey’s Pizza approached Lion + Panda with the objective to redesign their website. It was important to include specific objectives including:

  • Brand elements must be observed
  • Simplify the user experience with easier navigation
  • Expand location search capabilities
  • Update all food images and content
  • Improve the online-ordering experience.
  • Integrate third-party solutions
  • Improve their career page, making it easier to find information about Dewey’s culture, demonstrate the path to associate growth, find employment opportunities and apply directly from the site
  • Incorporate nuances throughout, about the company personality
  • Consolidate and enhance their user review process
  • Create a platform for individual store location information that includes elements specific to each store
  • Give the Dewey’s team the ability to make updates and changes to the site
  • Capture user analytics



  • Web Design + Development
  • Web Hosting + Maintenance
  • Data Analytics
  • Print Design
  • Digital Marketing

By The Numbers




States With
A Presence




Lion + Panda performed an audit assessment and and identified areas where we could improve the user experience, apply SEO coding to increase conversions, added accessibility functionality for impaired users, and update some of the technical elements. The evaluation further identified that a few custom applications that would need to be developed to achieve all of the clients’ objectives. In particular a geographical feature that would identify the area where users were searching from. This would benefit Dewey’s Pizza in their market research for expansion opportunities.



The Lion + Panda team created a new website that presented a more defined, cleaner, and cohesive look. We provided an easier user navigation experience, added a custom location search module that would also capture the user geographical area for future expansion planning, created contact forms that would identify the store location where the user had their initial interaction with Dewey’s, added a special feature section that could interact with other pages, improved the online-ordering process, and updated imagery, brand elements, and content. We highlighted events and giving, through Dewey’s community page. We also introduced individualized store pages with several new features that include ordering online, store photos, local offerings of beer, wine and desserts, employment openings, and the capability to join the waitlist or provide feedback. All the pages were also designed to allow Dewey’s the capability to make modifications to specific content areas such as announcing specials, events, menu changes, career openings and more.



An engaging and robust website that meets all client objectives and then some.

“The team at L+P is kind, honest, and reliable. They honor their commitments and deliver ahead of schedule. If you’re looking for agency help, add them to your consideration!”

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