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Case Study

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Brimstone & Fire, LLC

Bringing together an umbrella of entertainment for the Cincinnati area, including the popular Ohio Renaissance Festival.


Brimstone & Fire, LLC – owners of Renaissance Park Event Center – holds a full calendar of diverse and popular attractions such as the Ohio Renaissance Festival, Celtic Fest Ohio, and Brimstone Haunt. As an event and entertainment company, their media needs are vast. Close attention has to be spread between multiple websites, print/merchandise design needs, digital advertising needs, and a heavy social media presence to develop.

That is why they choose Lion + Panda as their one stop shop for design, marketing, web development, and more. Our main goals were to develop websites that not only attract their patrons, but also disturbed needed information to each unique attraction. We built a strong social media presence that would encourages engagement and expands their fan community into new territory.

Our Contributions

  • Web Design + Development
  • Web Hosting + Maintenance
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Digital + Social Marketing
  • Merch Design
  • Social Media Management

From the Client

“I have worked with Lion + Panda for several years and have never been disappointed in the quality of the creative design services delivered. They have some of the area’s top talent in their arsenal and their work shows. The fun, laid-back approach of every meeting and brainstorm is a welcomed retreat from the stresses of the normal work day. The responsiveness, updates, and follow-ups that are given for any project, big or small, is top notch. If you’re looking for amazing creative design and marketing services, Lion + Panda would be my first choice hands down.”

Cheryl Bucholtz
Marketing Director at Brimstone & Fire, LLC

Brimstone & Fire’s Properties

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By The Numbers


Events & Attractions






Years Working With Lion + Panda

The Challenge

As an entertainment and events company, Brimstone & Fire needed development, support, design, and marketing on all fronts to reach their guests. Given their niche audience, they needed someone who deeply understood the  communities that had formed around them and could develop a more wide spread appeal to create growth for their park.

The goal was to develop websites, marketing, and a social media presence that would not only keep their community up to date, but invite new audiences into the venue who could become regular customers.

Process & Insights

Lion + Panda choose team members who already had a deep passion for the renaissance festival community. This empowered them to work in an agile manner, embedding themselves with the client’s team to augment their efforts.

The full breath of Lion + Panda team brough a diverse set of skills to handle any of the client’s needs including graphic design, brand development, website design and development, SEO, print and digital marketing, merch design, content creation, social media management, and technical support such as hosting.

The Solution


Multiple websites were developed to promote their increasing properties, events, and attractions. Each with their own look & feel that well-represented the brand, while still presenting themselves as a related family of events that shared communities. These sites included custom WordPress functions such as directories, calendars, schedules, and integrated forms to take some of the client’s day to day tasks online.

Attention to user experience, SEO, and accessibility was paramount.

Design & Branding

Lion + Panda built the branding of Brimstone Haunt, Yuletide Village, Sun Henge, and Renaissance Park Event Center from the ground up as well as handled brand refreshes for the Ohio Renaissance Festival, Celtic Fest Ohio, and the 1572 Roadhouse Bar-B-Q.

We also handled much of the client’s digital and print design needs including billboards, posters, print and digital ads, park maps, and printed programs.

Social Media Management

Lion + Panda took over the management of the client’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. As TikTok began to grow in popularity, we expanded their social media platforms and included content generation that would help diversify their audience.

As a result, their social presence continues to grow and interact.

Merch Design

Designers at Lion + Panda have created the hotly anticipated commemorative mug stamp design for the Ohio Renaissance Festival since 2020. We are also solely responsible for providing designs for the online merch shop.


We consider ourselves to be our client’s partner, not just a contractor. Due to the strong integration into Brimstone & Fire’s team and our agile and responsive nature, our client feels well taken care of and can focus on the larger effort of holding these beloved Ohio events.

Social media engagement, website traffic, and ticket sales are up across the board.

Beyond that this client with a 30 year history find themselves growing and evolving at unprecedented rates. Our ultimate goal is be your partner and help you shine.

Ready to begin?

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