Launching a market-driven business.

PangeaKeto came to Lion + Panda clear on what the company wanted to achieve, but murky on the details. We worked with the founders to create a substantive path forward to launch the business into the limelight and define the marketing system, voice, and branding.

With a business as market-driven as a meal delivery system and ecommerce, this meant relying on data and neuroscience to create a brand that was built not just to capture attention but to play on emotions and conversion tactics to build an audience and create a base.

We started at square one, developing a brand that was reflective of what the company wanted to achieve in the market, then defined the funnels, analyzed the audience, and provided complex, but streamlined solutions to attract a base and build a network of advocates. From there we supported PangeaKeto in developing additional marketing collateral, product packaging for their food offerings, and digital campaigning on social media and Google.